Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CM Catania's intro to Alliance amendment from dais

While I don't have the actual amendment At-large CM Catania made about the Alliance, his staff (shout out to Brendan Williams-Kief) shared his introductory remarks which summarize the agreement reached with Mayor Gray.
As many of you already know, in the past 24 hours Mayor Gray, Chairman Brown, and I have reached an agreement to fully fund the D.C. Healthcare Alliance Program.

The agreement preserves the full range of services currently offered under the Alliance program, including hospitalization and directs the Department of Health Care Finance to ensure hospitals are able to obtain emergency Medicaid reimbursement for such hospital-based services.

Based on information provided by DHCF on May 15, 2012, $13 million in additional local funds beyond the Mayor’s proposed budget are required to maintain hospital-based services as part of the Alliance for FY13 with a carve-out for emergency Medicaid:
To reach that $13 million sum, the Committee has identified the following funds:

  • Use $3.0 million in previously unanticipated savings from managed care drug rebates to support the local fund.
  • Generate $1.4 million in revenue in FY 2013 by rebasing provider fees for nursing homes, a portion of which is dedicated to the Nursing Home Quality of Care Fund.
  • Use $1.8 million by reducing the Department of Healthcare Finance cost settlements budget or FY13.
  • $252,000 in personnel savings from within the Department of Health Care Finance through the personnel vacancy savings (the local share of 6 vacant FTEs)
  • $103,000 in personnel savings within the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services through the elimination of 1 FTE.
  • Generate $2.6 million in savings by moving the effective date of the hospital Diagnostic Related Groups (DRG) rate changes as included in the proposed FY13 budget for the Department of Health Care Finance to October 1, 2012 instead of January 1, 2013.
  • Use $5.3M in FY12 additional revenue for its share of Medicaid rebasing funds that were associated with District nursing home activities at VMT and Stoddard.

Given this revised information provided by DHCF and the extensive work of the Chairman and myself, the Council has been able to preserve hospital-based services for Alliance enrollees, as well as:
  • Protect the ability of individuals to access both of the District’s Home and Community Based Waiver programs without lowering the enrollment caps.
  • Invest an additional $1,000,000 for the implementation of the South Capitol Street Memorial Amendment Act in FY13.
  • Invest $495,000 in tobacco control programs within the Department of Health.

I thank the Chairman and the Mayor for working to preserve this program in its entirety for the 19,000 District residents who rely upon it. Today’s agreement ensures that all low-income District residents are treated equally and afforded the dignity of comprehensive, high-quality health care.

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