Monday, April 23, 2012

Social media to save the Trust–It's OST Social Media Monday

The FY 2013 budget hearing for the Children and Youth Investment Fund (the pass-through for the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation) is today at 10 am in Room 412 in the JAWB (watch here).

This hearing is a big deal.   The $3 million in proposed FY 2013 funding will serve thousands of kids in DC and the organization has a special interest in funding organizations in Wards 7 and 8 where 37,611, or 33% of the city's 115,400 youth ages 5-21, live.

Participating in OST Social Media Monday is important and this is what you can do:

  1. Share your testimony:   If you are testifying, tweet/Facebook a link to your testimony.
  2. Tweet/Facebook important quotes:   Did a CM say something important?   Did a witness?   Share that with your followers and friends.

    And how do you share?   First, post or tweet with the hashtags, in order of preference of use, #savecyitc and #dcfy13.   Second, if you are tweeting, mention CMs using their Twitter handle.   If using Facebook, post comments to a CM's wall.   Not sure where the CMs are online?   Refer to this Google Docs list.

  3. RT and share:   If you find something to share, retweet it or like, comment, or share on Facebook.
To keep track of tweets related to the hearing and the effort to save the Trust for kids, try using the great tool TweetChat.

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