Friday, April 20, 2012

Get ready for social media Monday: Tweeting and blogging the 10a Trust hearing AND positive youth development

The FY 2013 budget hearing for the Children and Youth Investment Fund (the pass-through for the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation) is Monday, April 23 at 10 am in Room 412 in the JAWB.

This hearing is a big deal which is why the DC Alliance of Youth Advocates has been encouraging young people, parents, providers, and concerned residents to testify about the value of the Trust.

But we can't stop with the testimony, as good and valuable as that is.   We need to spread the word of the value of positive youth development, quality programming, and staff development—via a social media blitz!

The fabulous Anne Abbott of DCAYA will be curating DCAYA member blog posts, loading posts on the DCAYA blog Youth-Friendly DC, and tweeting the budget hearing.   If you will be tweeting the budget hearing, please use #dcfy13 AND #saveCYITC (neither is case sensitive).   This way, DCAYA and others—maybe the media, even!—can track tweets.

But more about this by Monday morning including CM Twitter handles.

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