Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Your thoughts, please, about DYRS

Ward 1 CM Jim Graham, chair of the Committee on Human Services, would like your views on the December 2011 report from DYRS Report on Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services’ Youth in Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities and Residential Treatment Centers (PDF) and the issue of residential placement in general.   Email John DeTaeye with your comments.

The Committee on Human Services has directed DYRS to increase local capacity of service providers and to reduce the use of out-of-state facilities, particularly those more than 100 miles away from DC.   The December report, the first of the quarterly reports, will the Committee and the community track:

  • Numbers of youth being sent to out-of-state facilities
  • Reasons for those placement
  • Services to be offered and eventually evaluation of those services
  • Successful Medicaid reimbursements

Highlights from the December report are:

  • 188 DYRS youth in RTC / PRTF (assessments of eight youth are missing)
    *146 youth are 17 years old and younger
    *42 are 18 – 20 years old
    158 male / 30 female
    *179 African American / 8 Latino / 1 White
    *46 different facilities, 7 within 100 miles of DC
    *144 placements paid with local dollars / 34 placements Medicaid eligible
    *170 days average length of stay
  • 30% of OVERALL DYRS youth are assessed as HIGH /MEDIUM Risk
    *88 of the 180 in RTC / PRTF are HIGH / MEDIUM Risk
    *117 of 180 have felony adjudication as most serious charge
  • Mental Health (youth have multiple, dual diagnosed mental health disorders
    *136 (76%) of 180 have mood disorders
    *108 (60%) of 180 have ADHD / disruptive behavior disorders
    *86 (47%) of 180 have Learning / Communication disorders
  • 140 of 180 have some type of substance / alcohol abuse disorder

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