Friday, February 17, 2012

Other than testifying, what's the value of performance oversight hearings?

If you are new to the DC Council's performance oversight hearings, you may think testifying is the bees knees.   You get to speak your mind, urge a committee to make an agency spend or do more, or present an update on an issue.   And this is important.

But what is equally important is what the agencies themselves have to say.   Specifically, what they write in response to the committee's advance questions.   Take the responses to the Office of Latino Affairs.   One OLA submission is a chapter from the Indices, a most fabulous resource, produced by the Office of Planning.   Great in and of itself.   But what the chapter means is that the new biennial book of DC data is out.

Other responses are also great.   The response from the Executive Office of the Mayor for example, lists key staffers in the mayor's budget office.   Valuable information if you do budget advocacy.   The response also provides org charts, a list of reprogrammings, office plans, and much more.

So take an hour and read some responses.   It will be worth your while.

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