Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Communicating with electeds in the twitterverse

Hats off to NewsChannel8's Bruce DePuyt for first considering the region's electeds on Twitter and to DCist's Benjamin Freed for the clever follow-up.   Of course I like them, right, they both mention me—Bruce interviewed me and Ben riffs off that interview and refers to me as "Twitterato."

But even if I weren't interviewed, the stories are good and useful.   So take a few to read both and think about how you use Twitter.   Do you push out information only?   Do you engage your followers in conversations?   Do you share information from others?

These are similar to the questions Bruce asked me about government officials' use of Twitter.   I told him that I've had interesting mini discussions with electeds and Twitter followers.   Some conversations have moved to email.   Others have prompted blog posts (on my part) and articles (on the part of journalists).   At the end of the day, the value for me is the engagement—learning and sharing.   I hope my tweeps find the same value.


I've taken the info provided in both stories and combined them with info I gathered last year to come up with a new, updated list of DC government Twitter accounts.   The new list includes executive branch agencies and DC Council members and staff.   A list of ANCs on Twitter will be blogged at a later date.   If you follow ANCs or are one, email me so I can add them/you to the list.

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