Monday, February 13, 2012

Budget update, February 13

  • NEW! DC Budget Process:   This new document maps the District's budget process in a new way that should be easier to read than past iterations.   This and other educational materials are on my blog.
  • An Objective Tool for Assessing the Mayor's Proposed Budget and DC Council Changes:   This tool, as the title suggests, can help the public assess the city's budget.
  • Oversight hearing schedule change:   Changes have been made to the schedule.   Check them out on the DC Council website
  • Budget hearing schedule change:   Changes have been made to the schedule.   Check them out on the DC Council website.
  • Public hearing on DCPS budget:   Deputy Mayor for Education De’Shawn Wright is holding the public hearing on the development of the FY 2013 DCPS budget on February 22 at 5:30 pm at H.D. Woodson High School (540 55th Street NE).

    The purpose of the hearing is to solicit the views about four specific areas of DC Public Schools operations:

    *The current and prospective educational needs of the District’s publicly funded schools, including DCPS and D.C. Public Charter Schools, educational programs that can address these needs, and support systems needed for safety and efficiency;
    *The relative levels of support provided in recent years and sought in the current budget requests for DCPS and other agencies of the District government that support youth;
    *The programs and levels of funding supported by the findings of relevant professional studies and commissions (this portion of the relevant law indicates that the hearings will be open to experts – such as policymakers and think tanks – who wish to discuss data that suggest best practices and recommended funding strategies); and,
    *The levels of funding for public-school systems in surrounding jurisdictions that have reputations for providing high-quality education to their students.

    Testimony may be limited to three minutes per witness and five minutes per organization or group.   To testify, contact Joshua Thompson in the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education via email or by telephone at 701-9289 no later than 4:00 pm on February 17.

  • CM Evans opening for CAFR briefing:   If you are interested in seeing what Ward 2 CM thinks about the FY 2011 CAFR, read his prepared opening remarks from the February 6 briefing.   Note: He did not read these comments from the dais; rather, he talked about the major points in the written opening.
  • LPTM's Mary Brown goes on the record:   Life Pieces to Masterpieces ED Mary Brown testified before the Committee of the Whole at the education cluster's performance oversight hearing.   Her testimony is here (Word, .doc).
  • Budget autonomy:   WaPo's Mike DeBonis explains the latest in DC's quest for budget autonomy in "Obama does the least he can do on D.C. budget autonomy."

    Mayor Gray and other leaders are holding a press conference on budget autonomy February 13 from 1:30 - 2:30 pm in front of the JAWB.   The briefing release excerpts President Obama’s proposed 2013 budget supporting autonomy:

    The District of Columbia annually receives direct Federal payments for a number of local programs in recognition of the District's unique status as the seat of the Federal Government. These General and Special Payments are separate from and in addition to the District's local budget, which is funded through local revenues. Consistent with the principle of home rule, it is the Administration's view that the District's local budget should be authorized to take effect without a separate annual Federal appropriations bill. The Administration will work with Congress and the Mayor to pass legislation to amend the D.C. Home Rule Act to provide the District with local budget autonomy.

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