Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What will you contribute to the One City Summit?

Are you prepared to fully participate in and contribute to the One City Summit agenda?   Have you thought about the issues important to you?   Can you identify barriers to better implementation of programs/services?   Have ideas about policy and practice changes that would result in better outcomes for residents, businesses, and the local economy?   What would your prioritize and put on the back burner in terms of the budget?

You can share your answers and address the highlighted issues (to be announced) at the February 11 summit.   Attendees will participate in small group discussions with people from all over the city.

There's no time like the present to register for the Gray Administration's One City Summit February 11 at the Convention Center.   For those with access to a computer, register online.   You can also register using a printed form (English) (PDF) and Spanish printed form (PDF); this is perfect for registering clients, asking folks at community meetings to register, etc.   Fax completed forms to Sheila Bunn at (202) 727-8527.   You can also email the forms, scanned first, obviously, to

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