Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Budget update, January 31

  • CAFR presentation:   Mayor Vince Gray and CFO Natwar Gandhi released the FY 2011 audit January 30.   Review the presentation here (PDF).   Watch the press briefing here.
  • CSFL released:   The OCFO released the FY 2013 Current Services Funding Level budget January 27.   The CSFL represents the cost of operating the District government in FY 2013 at FY 2012 service levels (Local funds only) and no new policy decisions.   Doing the same things will cost the city $151 million more in FY 2013 than in FY 2012.

    The bulk of the document contains agency by agency comparisons of FY 2012 and FY 2013 budget numbers.   But the most interesting part is the very end, the general and specific assumptions that built the FY 2013 CSFL.

  • COW CAFR briefing:   The time of the COW's CAFR briefing February 6 has changed to 11:00 am to accommodate the regular pre-legislative meeting press briefing at 10 am.

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