Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rules and more noticed 12/9, 12/16, 12/23

(UPDATED 12/27, 7:45am)   Apologies for the delay in sharing information from the December 9, 16 and 23 issues of the DC Register.   Please remember to check emergency and proposed notices for comment requirements and deadlines.   This information is not included in the items below.
  • Final rules for administrative hearings:   The Office of Administrative Hearings' December 9 final rules (Word, .doc) allow parties in OAH cases to file papers by email.
  • Final rules about supported employment certification:   The Department of Mental Health issued final rules December 9 (Word, .doc) creating a new DCMR title to "create certification standards for Supported Employment Programs that offer supported employment services to individuals who receive services from the Department or Department-certified mental health providers."
  • Final rules from the Department of Health:   DOH published final rules (Word, .doc) in the December 9 DCR to grandfather in individuals who were enrolled in doctoral programs prior to April 15, 2011.   This allows these professionals to become licensed in the District of Columbia.
  • Final ruling regarding high school athletics:   The Office of the State Superintendent Of Education (OSSE) issued final rules December 16 addressing fifth-year high school seniors participating in interscholastic athletics.
  • Final rules about parking at UDC:   The board of the University of the District of Columbia has issued final rules (Word, .doc) December 16 increasing the rate at UDC parking facilities for non-students and non-seasonal permit holders.
  • Final rules about non-resident tuition at community college:   The board of the University of the District of Columbia has issued final rules (Word, .doc) December 16 increasing out-of-state tuition for University of the District of Columbia Community College students.
  • Proposed rules for social worker continuing education:   The Department of Health's December 16 final rules (Word, .doc) "clarify the requirements for supervision of social work students", clarify provisions about license renewal and reinstatement, and provide clarity on continuing education requirements.
  • Proposed school closure:   DC Public Schools proposes (Word, .doc) to close River Terrace Elementary School and move students to Thomas Elementary School.   In doing so, River Terrace students would enjoy "improved, updated facilities that are superior to their current buildings."   Furthermore, DCPS would "reduce inefficiencies in managing the administration, staffing, and facilities of the affected schools and programs."
  • Emergency and proposed rules re: DCPS-related administrative hearings:   According to the December 23 notice (Word, .doc),
    The emergency and proposed rulemaking establishes new procedures that govern cases referred to OAH by the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). Issuance of emergency rules is necessary because the comment period for the proposed rules will not expire until after the date that OAH will assume responsibility for cases referred by DCPS. Therefore, adoption of these rules on an emergency basis is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public health, safety, and welfare, to allow OAH to proceed promptly in this new area of jurisdiction.
  • Final rules regarding peer specialists:   The Department of Mental Health issued final rules (Word, .doc) December 23 establishing the requirements and process for peer specialist certification.   Peer specialists will deliver Medicaid-reimbursable mental health rehabilitation services to children, youth, and adults.

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