Monday, November 21, 2011

Where things are on the improved DC Council website

As I use the new and improved DC Council website I sometimes wander around looking for things.   'Cause you might do the same, I thought I'd share two bits of useful information.   Note Catherine Wigginton, queen of the council website, pointed me in the right direction.
Looking for a page listing all the hearing notices?   Here's the page.   You can get to this page from the home page by selecting Hearing Notices under the top right General Info menu.   Also, once you’re anywhere else in the site, you’ll see the sidebar links for Hearing Notices, Register to Testify at a Hearing, Watch Hearings Live, and Register to Vote in DC.

Looking for CM and committee office numbers?   You can find that in the Council two-page directory, found on the About the Council page.   You can get to the About the Council page from the home page in three ways.   First from the middle row with images (Watch Hearings; About the Council; Current Legislation; etc).   Second at the very top right of the home page are three header links (RSS, Press Center, General Info).   Look under the General Info tab, "About the Council."   Third in the home page footer section, "Learn, Engage, Find."   Look in "Learn" and you'll find another link to About the Council.

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