Thursday, November 3, 2011

Selected notices from October 28 DC Register

  • Public oversight hearing on "Re-entry Programs and Services for the District's Returning Citizens", November 18:    The Committee on the Judiciary (At-large CM Phil Mendelson, chair) and the Committee on Housing and Workforce Development (At-large CM Michael Brown, chair) are sponsoring this joint hearing November 18 at Noon.   This hearing notice (PDF) reflects a revision in hearing sponsors.   Details about testifying are in the notice.
  • Public hearing on B19-76, "Inclusionary Zoning Amendment Act of 2011", November 17:   The Committee on Housing and Workforce Development (At-large CM Michael Brown, chair) is holding this hearing November 17 at 1:00 pm.   Details about testifying are in the notice (PDF).
  • Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - Amendments to 3 DCMR § 3100 (Lobbying):   The District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics issued proposed rules so as to comply with Section 1271 of the Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Support Act of 2009 (PDF; page 27), effective March 3, 2010 (D.C. Law 18-111; D.C. Official Code § 1-1105.02).

    A great friend on Twitter, @DCdotNerd has done a red-line (Word, .doc) to make understanding the proposed rule easier.

  • Emergency and proposed rules (Word, .doc) regarding the billing rate for Functional Family Therapy (FFT):   The Department of Health Care Finance has issued these rules so that the District can receive federal funding under Title XIX of the Social Security Act for this community-based intervention.
  • Need a primer on writing testimony or comments on proposed rules?   Communications for DC Advocates: How-to's and lessons learned over 15 years, a 41-page guide (PDF), offers instructions, tips, and more.   The guide is affordable at $35.   Learn more and buy the guide here.