Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pink and yellow socks

My dad always took pride in the way he dressed.   I loved the way he looked all dressed for work: A beautiful gray suit, a bright white French cuff shirt adorned with personalized cufflinks, a colorful silk tie, white pocket square, soft-as-butter gray socks, and Cole Haan shoes.

Then dad retired and casual was the norm.   His favorite colors were red and yellow but took a liking to pink and yellow socks.   For years, I hunted for the right ones.   Until he got sick two years ago, Vineyard Vines socks were among his favorites.   Dad liked to coordinate his outfit so that his socks matched his shirt or sweater.

Dad got ribbed a lot back in the day for wearing pink but he kept on.   He loved pink and looked terrific in it.   He took less grief for wearing yellow but looked equally well in it.

My dad died October 15 after a two-year struggle with multiple myeloma.

Before my father died, I told my Twitter followers I would be tweeting from Connecticut our experience with my dad and hospice.   I'm sure some have ignored these personal tweets.   That's fine.   But others have expressed amazing support and for this I am incredibly grateful.

I told my dad I would ask my tweeps and blog readers to support us the day of his memorial by wearing pink or yellow socks.   The memorial service for my father is October 29 and it starts at 10:00 am.   He would be tickled if you wore pink or yellow socks because he loved them but any pink or yellow item of clothing will do.   If you feel like emailing me a picture, that would be terrific.   I'll make a collage for my mother and me.

Thanks for your support over the past two years and particularly over the past month.   I'm glad I could spend time caring for my dad before his death.   He deserved no less.