Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guide to ethics bills hearing October 26

In spite of the seeming public support for improved ethics on the DC Council, only 26 members of the public have registered to testify (witness list here in Word) at the October 26, 10:30 am public hearing by the Committee on Government Operations (Ward 4 CM Muriel Bowser, chair).

The committee is hearing testimony on the following bills:

  • B19-0352: Campaign Finance Accountability and Reform Amendment Act of 2011
  • B19-0353: Campaign Finance Reporting Amendment Act of 2011
  • B19-0358: Ethics and Accountability Act of 2011
  • B19-0359: Ethics and Accountability Task Force Act of 2011
  • B19-473: Prohibition on Corporate and Lobbyist Giving to Public Officials Reform Amendment Act of 2011
  • B19-478: Fundraising Accountability and Reform Amendment Act of 2011
  • B19-481: Consecutive Term Limit Amendment of 2011
  • B19-482: Full-Time Employment for Council Members Charter Amendment Act of 2011
  • B19- 490: Lobbying, Finance, and Grant making Reform Amendment Act of 2011

Interested in reading one or more pieces of legislation under discussion at the hearing?   Go to LIMS.

Public witnesses can be lumped into six categories:   Candidates and former candidates, good government advocates, politicos, lobbyists/industry groups, government watchers, and others.

This is a hearing you should have on while you are at your desk tomorrow.   Watch online using OCT.

UPDATE 10/26 8:00 am:   Two media types write about ethics reform:   Mike DeBonis and Jonetta Rose Barras.