Wednesday, September 28, 2011

News from the Board of Elections and Ethics

BOEE recently made a number of announcements related to the 2012 elections:
  • The Election Year 2012 page is up.   Updates are made as candidates file their Declarations of Candidacy for the April 3, 2012 primary election.   Note the links for filers with BOEE for ballot access are different from the Office of Campaign Finance links which concern raising and spending money.
  • BOEE expects to start releasing petitions for the primary election on November 14 according to their Calendar of Key Dates and Deadlines and with the assumption that things will go as planned in the timetable in "Comprehensive Military and Overseas Voters Accommodation Amendment Act of 2011."
  • There are new boundaries for 13 precincts and a relocation of two precincts from one ward to another.   Once the DC Council approves the precinct changes, they will be reflected in the BOEE voter registration database.

Be sure to share relevant information with clients, colleagues, family members, neighbors, and community members.   And nonprofits, use this information to plan election-related events and education efforts.