Monday, August 1, 2011

Please join me in supporting an independent community college in DC

Support for a community college in the District of Columbia has been strong for years, from the anti-poverty work done under the leadership of DC Primary Care Association to the analysis done by DC Appleseed and Greater Washington Research at Brookings to the interest of the Council of the District of Columbia.

Support from the University of the District of Columbia was also strong, early on at least.

Now, it seems, UDC's president has thrown a wrench in the works and the students of the Community College of the District of Columbia (CCDC) are none too happy.

CCDC students take issue with the latest UDC decision, the name of the community college vis à vis UDC's name.   Students have questions and want answers.   They deserve answers.   So do taxpayers and stakeholders.

I've signed the student-developed petition Keep CCDC separate from UDC and I encourage you to do the same.

My reasons for signing the petition are different from the students' reasons.   I took offense during the FYs 2010 and 2011 oversight hearings when UDC blamed the community college for the need for an additional $8 million.   Why?   First there was the questionable spending by the UDC president.   Then there was credible word from inside UDC that the $8 million was not in any way related to CCDC but wholly to UDC.

I support a separate community college to give the students a chance in a way that UDC will never be able to.   As the petition site says, "Ultimately, CCDC students have their own wants and needs and therefore, require their own, independent institution."

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