Monday, June 6, 2011

PSA boundary realignments matter to children and youth

The Metropolitan Police Department has scheduled meetings, beginning June 7, to discuss service delivery in the districts and PSAs.   MPD has adjusted PSA boundaries to balance the workloads in and between the districts.   Their expectation is that the adjustments will improve the performance of MPD and services to residents.

The realignments are not available to the public prior to the public meetings as was pointed out in the June 5 edition of themail.   The current PSA boundaries are online.

Residents, providers and advocates interested in issues impacting children and youth should pay attention to these boundary changes.   With the changes will come new people and may affect how systems deal with issues important to you.   So go to a meeting, learn more about the details of the PSA boundary shifts that matter to you and be prepared to comment to the City Council when it reviews the plan.

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