Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14 budget update

  • Revised amendment in the nature of a substitute (ANS):   The ANS to be voted on today is here in Word (.doc).   Changes from June 10 iteration include the removal of the bad TANF provision about parents and parent-teacher conferences.
  • Cheh amendment on increasing tax rate on high-income residents:   Ward 3 CM Mary Cheh plans to introduce an amendment (Word, .doc) from the dais at the second vote of the budget support act according to a letter to her colleagues (Word, .doc).
  • Evans amendment on bond tax:   Ward 2 CM Jack Evans is offering an amendment "to grandfather in existing holdings of out-of-state municipal bonds as an exemption from the proposal to tax interest earned on these bonds."   Read the memo to colleagues (Word, .doc) and the amendment (Word, .doc).
  • Budget vote takes place at 1:00 pm in Council Chamber:   The Chairman has called this additional Legislative Meeting of the Council to take action on a number of items including the BSA.   The agenda is here.
  • Watch the leg meeting today:   Watch the leg meeting via the City Council website or on Channel 13 via OCT.

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