Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13 budget update #2

Lo and behold, the City Council will be considering not the engrossed BSA (as shared earlier today) at the June 14 legislative meeting, but a new piece of legislation circulated late in the day June 10 to CMs and staff -- but not to the public.

The new BSA is an amendment in the nature of a substitute (Word, .doc).   The June 10 iteration has new provisions, including one that would require parents on TANF to commit to attending at least 50% of parent-teacher conferences.   This provision is similar to that proposed by Chairman Kwame Brown during CP 18; the earlier legislative proposal died.   It's now back with no public notice or public debate.   Also circulated late Friday is a piece of emergency legislation creating the Department of General Services.   This, too, has not been available to the public before.

The budget office knew there would be significant changes in the BSA and notified (Word, .doc) CMs June 9.   The Chairman's office made no effort to share this important information with the public.

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