Monday, May 2, 2011

This week is National Children's Book Week

What a great week this is:   National Children's Book Week.

Children's Book Week has been celebrated in rural towns, urban areas, east, west and center across the United States since 1919.

The week features special events and more.   There are at least three events here in DC.   More on those tomorrow.

For my part, I am collecting stories from blog readers and others about their childhood experiences reading and with books.   Please email me your stories so I can share them in blog posts this week.   You may also just tell me which were your favorite books.   And if you have children, let me know their favorites.   All will be shared here this week.

To start things off, I remember going to a community event with Hardie Gramatky, author and illustrator of Little Toot.   While I loved the story, the best part was that I got to enjoy the day with my father.   He loved Little Toot and still does.   I am lucky to have memories and drawings from that day; yup, I scored the charcoal pastel drawings.   Two are shown here.

For those not fortunate enough to have read any of the Gramatky books, his daughter has a website where you can learn more about them.   And there is still time to read them; you can order Little Toot on Amazon.   They are fab and you will surely enjoy them.

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