Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11 budget update

  • The Committee on the Judiciary draft committee report for mark-up is here in PDF (132 pages) (UPDATE: Link has been fixed, 9:40, 5/11).
  • The Committee on Libraries, Parks and Recreation draft committee report for mark-up is here (59 pages) (Word, .doc).   Note: This is not the final draft but the committee expects few changes for the committee meeting.
  • Mary Beth Tinker testified at the May 9 BSA hearing about the relationship between children's lives and a more progressive tax increase, beyond what was proposed by Mayor Gray.   Her testimony is here (Word, .doc).
  • The Committee on Human Services has put some of the budget Q&A online.
  • There are still no question and answer docs online from Libraries, Parks and Recreation and Economic Development.

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