Sunday, May 1, 2011

Data you can use

It will come as no surprise to many that residents of the DC metropolitan are believe that some of our neighbors are left out of the region's success.   What is a surprise is the data bearing this out.   The data comes from work done by OpinionWorks for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government's Greater Washington 2050 Coalition, known as Region Forward©.

When asked by OpinionWorks to grade "the area where you live for a few other things on that same A to F scale”, affordable housing came up the big loser with a GPA of 1.81.   Help for those in need, access to good jobs for all who want one, and poor access to health care also fared poorly.

As the initiative's name suggests and as the description makes clear, "the COG Board of Directors formed the Greater Washington 2050 Coalition to create a comprehensive vision for the National Capital Region."   This serves as a foil to the next bit of information reported about the survey:   Fifty-seven percent of District residents wanted problems addressed locally, not regionally.

The survey result presentation is online in PDF.   The presentation includes more information that is informative, including the priorities for action – note affordable housing ranks seventh.

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