Friday, April 1, 2011

Susie's crafty fundraiser for Safe Shores

In recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) and of the great prevention work done by Safe Shores – The DC Children's Advocacy Center, I am selling Susie-made art quilt mug rugs.

What are mug rugs?   Coasters given a fancy name by women who need something to make other than table runners and baby quilts.   (That does not describe me, by the way.   I have plenty to do; I just wanted to raise some $$$ for Safe Shores.)

The deal is this:   Each mug rug costs is worth a $20 donation to Safe Shores.   You tell me which one you want via email, you send me a check for $20 made out to Safe Shores, I send you the mug rug so you too can recognize Child Abuse Prevention Month, and I send Safe Shores all the checks.

Mug Rug #1: SOLD
At is largest point, this artfully wonky-shaped mug rug is 6.5" x 7".

Mug Rug #2: SOLD
At is largest point, this artfully wonky-shaped mug rug is 6.25" x 8".

Mug Rug #3: SOLD
This striped mug rug is 6" x 8".

Mug Rug #4: SOLD
This mug rug has a house machine appliqu├ęd on with a little decorative stitching, too.   8.5" x 7.5".

Mug Rug #5:
This simple mug rug is 6" x 9.75".

Mug Rug #6: SOLD
This is the largest of all the mug rugs and would be perfect for a tea drinker.   Can fit a small tea pot and a mug.   9.5" x 9.25".

All mug rugs are made of 100% cotton with 100% cotton batting.   They are machine pieced and quilted.   Note, if you or the person you are giving this to is allergic to cats, please don't buy.   The cat suns herself on my sewing table.

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