Thursday, March 17, 2011

Troubling: Few are testifying at DOH oversight hearing March 17

The Committee on Health (At-large CM David Catania, chair) is holding a performance oversight hearing on the Department of Health (DOH) March 17 at 10:00 am in Room 412 of the Wilson Building.   The Committee will hear testimony from the following DOH administrations: Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration (APRA); Community Health Administration (CHA); HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STDs, and Tuberculosis Administration (HAHSTA); Center for Policy, Planning, and Evaluation (CPPE).

What strikes me as odd (best case) and pathetic and scary (worst case) is that fewer than 20 people will be testifying at the hearing.   Why pathetic and scary?   These administrations comprise nearly 80% of the DOH budget.   Moreover, these administrations are responsible for incredibly important issues and services including nutrition; child, adolescent and school health; substance abuse prevention and treatment; HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment; and the more mundane yet equally important policy and planning.

Do you have any sense of why more folks are not testifying at the DOH performance oversight hearing?   Let me know anonymously on Google Docs.   I will report the responses soon.

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