Friday, February 25, 2011

Public hearing on school safety and truancy, Saturday

The Special Committee on School Safety and Truancy (At-large CM Sekou Biddle, chair) is holding its first hearing Saturday, February 26 at 10:00am in the Council Chamber.   More than 20 have signed up to testify; the witness list is here (Word, .doc).

It's not clear what the witnesses will talk about at the hearing though I don't expect anything new since many of the individuals are frequent witnesses who talk about similar issues.

In advance of the hearing, here is some preparatory reading.   At a minimum, read the first two.

The special committee, created by legislation (PDF) at the beginning of CP19, is charged with examining the "current state of safety in the District of Columbia Public Schools and public charter schools" and making "recommendations to the Council to ensure a supportive, safe learning environment for all public schools students."

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