Tuesday, February 1, 2011

News from and about the Council Committee on Human Services

On January 25, the committee approved its committee rules outlining how the committee will operate--including meeting and hearing notice timing. Watch the meeting here on OCT.

CM Graham also announced the staff of the committee:

CM Graham reports the committee has one vacancy; it is for budget analyst.

In other news, the committee is holding a public roundtable February 3 at 11:00 am in the Council Chamber on "The State of Human Services in the District of Columbia:   The Views of Advocacy Organizations."    The purpose of the roundtable is for the committee to hear from invited advocates and providers working directly with clients and DC government agency staff.   The public is encouraged to watch the roundtable in person, or on tv or via computer.

The committee will hold future hearings open to the public so they, too, can comment on the state of services and public policy approaches used by the various human services agencies under the purview of the committee.

Direct questions about the roundtable to Benton Heimsath, 724-8191 or via email.

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