Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some of this and that from the government

We've got meetings, personnel news, Council committee updates, and more in public safety, education, health, governance, and yes, more.

  • State of the Schools in Ward 7,January 29:   The flier for this event co-sponsored by Ward 7 CM Yvette Alexander and DC Public Schools is here.
  • Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary weekly update:   The committee's Brian Moore (committee clerk) will happily add you to the distribution list.   Email him.
  • Who's doing what in DHCF:   If you missed this memo from former Department of Health Care Finance director Julie Hudman prior to her resignation, this memo lists which staffer is performing which function during the transition to the permanent director.
  • Former OCA staffer Laura Kiesler has moved to Baltimore City Public Schools to work on that city's Race to the Top.   Miss you, Laura.   We lost a good one to our northern neighbor when she left DC government at the end of last year.
  • Updated MPD GLLU contact info:   The phone number is (202) 506-0714 and the email is GLLU@dc.gov.
  • Villareal Johnson was elected Chair of ANC 7A.   His phone is (202) 709-7A07 and here is his email.
  • MPD's Youth Investigations Division got a new leader January 9.   Cmdr. Jennifer Greene is now in charge.

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