Monday, January 31, 2011

Recent Council activity (from the January 28 DCR)

Some Council committee memberships have changed with the addition of At-large member Sekou Biddle.   The changes are delineated in Resolution 19-8, "Council Period 19 Committee Assignment Amendment Resolution of 2011."

Resolution 19-9, "Special Committee on School Safety and Truancy Establishment Resolution of 2011" was introduced and approved recently by the Committee of the Whole.   At-large CM Sekou Biddle is chairing the committee; members are Barry, Catania, Cheh, and Mendelson.

The purpose of the committee is to conduct a comprehensive study to determine the status of truancy, school violence and interventions for these issues.   Recommendations to address the challenges of these issues are also expected.   Recommendation: The Committee on Education under Ward 7 CM Kevin Chavous conducted several public hearings and performed considerable research including policy remedies.   This work should be reviewed as part of the special committee's initial work.

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