Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An objective tool to assess the mayor's budget and the Council's changes

If you are looking for a way to assess the mayor's proposed budget and Council committee changes to mayor's proposed, check out this new tool (opens in Word).   You don't have to be a budget expert to ask and answer these questions.   You just need to do a little homework and encourage the mayor's staff and Council's committee staff to answer them.   Alternatively, answer the questions and give them to the appropriate committee staff.

Some of the questions are:

  • Are there court orders connected to the agency? (e.g., LaShawn, Salazar, Dixon, Jerry M., Blackman/Jones, Evans)
  • Are there requirements related to federal funding? (i.e., Maintenance of Effort (MOE), Match)
  • Is this a one-time expenditure or revenue source?   If so, is it truly a one-time?

And for those still working on the mayor's staff in advance of the release of the FY 2012 budget, be sure to ask them these questions.

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