Thursday, January 6, 2011

Council news

  • Ward 5 CM Harry Thomas, Jr. has announced staffing changes in his office.
  • At-large CM David Catania had this to say after being sworn in for another term on the Council.   He retold the successes of the Council and the Committee on Health.   He also talked about the challenges confronting the city moving forward.   Some of this is also captured in the press release issued January 3.

  • News from the Committee on Health is found in the latest edition of the COH newsletter.   Of particular note are:
  • On January 12, 2011 from 3:00 - 5:00 pm, the Committee on Health will be holding an open house to allow the community to come and speak with Committee staff members.   This will give members of the community the opportunity to meet with the staff, discuss various issues, and learn the roles of each member of the office and the issues they will be overseeing.   The Committee on Health is located in room 115 of the John A. Wilson Building.   Light refreshments will be provided.
  • As the Committee on Health prepares to conduct its annual oversight of the agencies under our jurisdiction we are calling on members of the community to submit any questions they would like to see asked in the oversight process.   While not all questions will be asked in the final report, the committee looks forward to the ideas, suggestions, and guidance your questions will provide.   Submit questions to Jonathan Antista via email or by phone at 724-8170 by 5:30 pm January 7.
  • Committee assignments are official:   PR19-0002, "Council Period 19 Appointment of Chairperson Pro Tempore, Committee Chairpersons, and Committee Membership Resolution of 2011" details assignments and other important information as the name suggests.

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