Monday, January 31, 2011

ANC info now in easy-to-use format -- no thanks to ANC office

Self-proclaimed computer and politics geek Keith Ivey has done the community a great service by capturing online ANC information in this Google Docs list.   To make the Ivey list even better, he has given the link an easy to remember name,   Thanks Keith!

What is so infuriating about Keith's list is that the ANC office cannot and/or will not provide an electronic version of the ANC list.   The last time I managed to get one (years ago), the list was scanned making it impossible to dump the info into Outlook or our database.   The result?   We spent valuable time retyping all the information.   This is what tax dollars pay for?   I think DC residents deserve a refund.

Now to the solution:   Anyone interested should call and email to demand that the ANC office staff make an electronic version of the ANC list (names, ANC, contact information) available immediately on the ANC web site and by request.   Contact:

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