Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vince Gray guest at Washington National Cathedral

The Very Rev. Samuel T. Lloyd III interviewed Mayor-elect Vince Gray as part of the Cathedral's The Sunday Forum: Critical Issues in the Light of Faith.   Lloyd is dean of the Cathedral, known to many as "the national house of prayer."   The next mayor also took questions from the audience.   Gray appeared on December 12; you can watch the 47 minute video on the Cathedral web site.

Lloyd and Gray discussed a range of topics including the meaning of One City, success of the town halls, and pressing policy and budget concerns.

  • According to Gray, One City is about people thinking about more than their neighborhood and recognizing the many commonalities—goals, dreams, interests, concerns—across the city, no matter the ward or neighborhood.   Coming together will only benefit individuals and the city as a whole.
  • Gray touted the data:   More than 7,000 individuals attended the ward-based town halls which took place between the primary and general election.   The prevailing them was education broadly, although there was not a consensus around solutions.
  • Both Lloyd and Gray expressed concern about literacy—more to the point, the poor literacy skills of children and adults.   Gray explained literacy is about more than education.   It is about jobs and upward mobility.   One of the ways Gray plans to address the challenge is to integrate the education system birth to 24, to bring the disparate systems together with a common goal.   Further, with the pre-k success under the city's belt, Gray plans to next address 0-3.
  • Lloyd naturally asked about the current budget challenges.   Gray expounded on the need for the city to tax income at its source.   For DC, this means hiring more DC residents.
  • One of the first 100 days items will be to build the birth – 24 education continuum integrating various parts, getting people back to work.
  • Gray's priorities are to improve the District's fiscal condition, education and economic development (and the related job development).

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