Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seven more join Gray administration

On December 9, Mayor-elect Vince Gray announced the appointment of seven members of his new team.   The newbies are:   Eric Goulet, Deputy Chief and Director of the Mayor’s Office of Budget and Finance; Brian Flowers, General Counsel to the Mayor; Cynthia Brock-Smith, Secretary of the District of Columbia; Janene D. Jackson, Director of the Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs; Stephen Glaude, Director of the Office of Community Affairs; Roxana Olivas, Director of the Office of Latino Affairs; and Crystal Palmer, Director of the Office of Motion Picture and Television Development.

An excerpt of his full remarks and appointee bios is below.

Yesterday, I was pleased to announce the appointment of Allen Y. Lew, as the City Administrator of the District of Columbia, and Gerri Mason Hall, as my Chief of Staff.   They are at the top of the leadership chart of my administration, and outstanding managers who will play a huge role in achieving the goals, objectives and One City mission of my Administration.

Today, I am naming seven highly qualified individuals who will assist them and me in implementing programs and initiatives for the successful operation of the government and efficient and prompt response to the residents of the District of Columbia.

These appointees are not new to the District government.   Each has contributed immensely in their own way and I am pleased that they are joining me in new roles to use their experience and institutional knowledge to make even greater contributions.

With wide-ranging responsibilities, these seven very competent public servants will spark the District’s economy, advance the Executive’s outreach to constituents, ensure that taxpayers’ money is well-spent, and provide solid legal advice.

I welcome them to the Gray Administration.

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