Monday, December 6, 2010

Information about FY 2012 budget development

The FY 2011 budget is still not final and government agencies have begun working on their FY 2012 budget.

We should expect that the FY 2012 development process may be a little bumpy with a new budget director and staff and, of course, necessity to address the ~$400 million problem.   As you may recall, budget kickoff was delayed for a month this year until after the general election.   The schedule (excluding technical aspects) is shown below.   It reflects a compressed timeline with some soft deadlines.

FY 2012 Budget Calendar

As we move forward with the process, there are some items in the Draft FY 2012 OPERATING BUDGET MANUAL that are important for the public to keep in mind about FY 2012 development:

  • There will be no agency budget targets.   The starting point for the FY 2012 budget is the revised FY 2011 budget.
  • Budget reductions, increases, transfers or all other changes will be decided at the Budget Review Team (BRT) meetings.
  • No program enhancements or technical adjustments will be allowed.
  • A decision about step increases will be made by Mayor-elect Gray.

Finally, the budget manual provides a good explanation of the Budget Review Team, frequently referred to as BRT.   Those who have been too shy to ask may now read this explanation to be in the know.

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