Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Testimony and more from gap-closing hearing

Hopefully you caught some of the gap-closing plan hearing today.   If not, you can watch the whole thing (it is long) by going to Channel 13 online.   You may also read the

It is important to note that I requested opening statements from all the CMs.   CMs Mendelson and Catania replied saying that they do not prepare comments.   They prepare notes and speak extemporaneously.   The staff of CM Evans replied the same.   CM Graham replied to my first email (last week) that they were not done but did not respond to my reminder email.   CM Barry's staff said they would send something if a written statement was (or is it were?   I'm tired, sorry.) prepared.   Ditto the staff of Kwame Brown, At-large.   I did not get a response from the remaining members.

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