Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stepping up and helping our leaders make better choices

The most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression continues to hit DC residents hard.   Unemployment has more than doubled, and the recession has walloped the savings and investment income for many   These factors helped cause the serious revenue shortfall the District now faces – putting at risk funds for schools, police officers and health and human services.

You can help the District's leaders make better choices to make a better future by signing on to the BETTER CHOICES: MOVING DC FORWARD movement.

This campaign can help inform and influence the District's elected leaders as they revise the FY 2011 budget and start working on the FY 2012 budget.   But the effort needs YOU.   Lending your name, participating in Council visits and educating others are but a few ways you can participate in preserving a robust future for all DC's residents.

For more information about BETTER CHOICES: MOVING DC FORWARD and to sign on, download the endorsement form.   To see the list of those already signed on, take a look at the list.

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