Sunday, November 28, 2010

Recent notices in DC Register

A number of child- and youth-related notices have been published in the DC Register in November, including regarding family medical leave, homelessness prevention and Medicaid.   There is still time to comment on emergency and proposed rules.
  • Final rules on District of Columbia Family and Medical Leave Act:   The DC Office of Human Rights issued final rules detailing guidelines for implementing the District of Columbia Family and Medical Leave Act of 1990, effective October 3, 1990 (D.C. Law 8-181; D.C. Official Code §§ 32-501, et seq.).   The notice reports that some public comments were incorporated and other, clarifying, changes were made to May 7, 2010 proposed rules.   No public comments were made to proposed rules published October 22, 2010.   The final rules were effective upon publication of this notice in the D.C. Register (November 19, 2010).
  • Emergency and proposed rules regarding ICF/MR reimbursement:   The Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) published rules in the November 19 DCR adding a new Chapter 41, entitled "Medicaid Reimbursement for Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Mental Retardation (ICF/MR)," to Title 29 DCMR.   The effect of these rules is to change the prospective payment reimbursement methodology for services provided to a Medicaid beneficiary residing in an ICF/MR.   These rules consider per diem reimbursement rates as well as the authorization for DHCF to temporarily adjust the rates if the agency determines a facility may, because of financial distress, close.   According to the notice,
    The Medicaid program estimates an aggregate increase which includes federal and District dollars of approximately five million eight hundred forty one thousand dollars ($5,841,000) in fiscal year 2011 as a result of the revised methodology.

    Instructions for public comment are in the notice.

  • Final rules regarding clinic services and Medicaid reimbursement:   The Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) issued final rules, in a new DCMR chapter, establishing guidelines for non-hospital facilities providing outpatient medical treatment to DC Medicaid beneficiaries.   The rules establish the services and treatments along with reimbursement methodologies.   DHCF is also amending the District of Columbia State Plan for Medical Assistance (State Plan) to reflect these changes.   These rules were effective on the date of publication of this notice in the D.C. Register.
  • Emergency rules issued regarding homelessness and rapid re-housing:   The Department of Human Services issued emergency rules in the November 12 DCR to
    establish rules to administer the District of Columbia’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program.   The purpose of the HPRP is to provide homelessness prevention assistance to households who would otherwise become homeless – many due to economic crisis – and to provide assistance to rapidly re-house persons who are homeless and have the capacity to quickly achieve stable housing independent of assistance from this Program.

    Instructions for public comment are in the notice.

  • Mental health final rules:   The Department of Health issued final rules in the November 5 DCR regarding Mental Health Rehabilitation Services (MHRS) certification standards.   The purpose of the change is to amend prior certification requirements for specialty providers of community based services for children and youth.   The final rule sets eligibility requirements for receipt of Functional Family Therapy (FFT) or CBI Level IV.   The rules were final effective on publication of this notice in the D.C. Register.

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