Monday, November 22, 2010

DC Campaign roundtable rocked teen pregnancy prevention

DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy's recent roundtable "Teen Pregnancy Funding, Priorities and Initiatives" (on YouTube here) received rave reviews from attendees.   Local, national and federal experts shared information, much of which according to attendees, was new to them.   The November 9 event focused on three topics:   plans and priorities of the federal government to prevent teen pregnancy, programs recently funded by federal grants for teen pregnancy prevention, and collaborating to create change in the District.

Such local/national/federal collaboration and communication is essential now when the federal government is investing so heavily in the District’s teen pregnancy prevention movement.   More than $4 million is being directed to local hospitals, nonprofits and government agencies for prevention work.

Future Roundtables from DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy are:

  • What are They Thinking (January 2011)
  • Caught in the System (March 2011)
  • Young and Poor:   Teen Parents in DC (June 2011)

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