Monday, November 8, 2010

The Brown transition is off!

Chairman-elect Kwame Brown's transition team leaders, introduced at a November 8 press conference, are Gregory McCarthy (transition committee chair), Irma Esparza Diggs, Jeffrey Humber, Natalie Ludaway, Neil Rodgers, Walter Smith, Michael Warren, and Rod Woodson.   Details about the roles and responsibilities, backgrounds and expertise of the members are in this press release and this bios sheet.

Brown started the presser by saying that residents are feeling disconnected.   As a result, Michael Warren will spearhead the transition's public engagement efforts, and according to Brown, will pay close attention to "social media and interactive technologies."   Use of technology may be a challenge for Brown and his team in light of the inequality of broadband access across the District.   According to the New America Foundation,

Higher income areas north and west of the Anacostia River have 95-99% adoption of high-speed broadband, while that rate drops to 34 percent south and east of the river in the less privileged neighborhoods.

Brown said he has heard from residents and expects to continue to hear from them before he is sworn in as chair, with recommendations to make the Council of the District of Columbia operate better.   Brown's transition web site has something for everyone, from volunteering to making suggestions to asking for help.

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