Friday, October 1, 2010

Is the Fenty human services transition team report still relevant?

Largely, yes.   And that is not an indictment of the Fenty Administration.   It is simply a reflection of the complexity of the issues.

And full disclosure, I was one of the co-leaders of the Fenty Human Services e-Transition Team.   Mustaafa Dozier was the other co-leader.

So what can the 2006 Fenty transition team report contribute to the Gray transition?   We can start with the themes common across the teams' working groups.   The themes are interagency collaboration, information sharing, procurement, and reconnecting disconnected youth.   All require attention.

Of all the issues considered by the team, positive youth development is the one receiving the least attention in the Fenty administration – and thus requiring significant attention by the Gray administration.

No matter which human services issue is most important to you, take a look at the report, pull out what is unresolved, and use the town hall meetings, online form, and transition process to tell Vincent Gray what is a priority to you.

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