Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Drama on the dais regarding tabling youth info sharing bill

Should anyone be interested, there was a roll call vote on the tabling of B18-344, "Expanding Access to Juvenile Records Amendment Act of 2010", which was on the consent agenda for final reading at the October 5 legislative meeting.   CM Catania moved the vote be tabled; discussion about amendments ensued with lots of drama.

CM Mendelson called for the roll call vote on tabling and the votes are:   Evans (Ward 2) – yes; Graham (Ward 1) – yes; Gray (At-large, chairman) – no; Mendelson (At-large) – no; Thomas (Ward 5) – no; Wells (Ward 6) – no; Alexander – yes; Barry (Ward 8) – yes; Bowser (Ward 4) – yes; KBrown (At-large) – yes; MBrown (At-large) – no; Catania (At-large) – yes; Cheh (Ward 3) – yes.   The vote was eight yes's and five no's.   The bill was tabled.

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