Monday, October 25, 2010

City Council update

A little of this and that from the council this week.   We've got a hearing notice about the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, some amendments made to B B18-344, "Expanding Access to Juvenile Records Amendment Act of 2010", and the weekly update from the Committee on Health.
  • Public roundtable on DYRS lead entities, October 28:   The Committee on Human Services (Ward 6 CM Tommy Wells, chair) is holding this roundtable October 28 at Noon in the JAWB.   The purpose is to receive an update from the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS), DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corp. (CYITC) and the Lead Entity Service Coalition lead agencies about the status of lead entity implementation.   The public is encouraged to testify.   Details about the roundtable are in the hearing notice.
  • Juvenile records release bill amendments:   A number of amendments were introduced from the dais during consideration of B18-344, "Expanding Access to Juvenile Records Amendment Act of 2010", on Tuesday, October 19.   Two amendments were introduced by Ward 6 CM Tommy Wells.   The Wells amendment increasing the number of adjudications before confidentiality was lifted from one to two failed.   The amendment co-introduced with Ward 5 CM Harry Thomas, Jr. passed.   This latter amendment added a provision to the legislation that would allow for the youth to make a motion to vacate adjudication or grant a new fact-finding hearing on the ground of actual innocence.
  • Committee on Health update:    The most recent update from the committee includes among other things information about upcoming community events the committee's chair, At-large CM David Catania, and a request from committee staffer Jon Antista to be in touch to share information your organization.   You may recall that Jon recently joined the committee, replacing Jen Barry.

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