Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What are you going to do with the latest revenue information?

You already know the bad news:   revenue is down for FY 2010 (which ends in a few days), for FY 2011 (which begins in a few days) and for the next couple of years.   In a letter to Mayor Fenty and Council Chairman Vincent Gray, CFO Natwar Gandhi reported that the city is realizing approximately $45 million less in FY 2010 than estimated in February of this year.   Gandhi goes on to say that the FY 2011 revenue was also being revised down by just under $100 million from the February 2010 estimate.   Supplemental materials provide a bit more information.

The reduced revenue will naturally affect spending on programs, though those in the know suggest that some changes can be made in the FY 2011 budget that will not negatively impact services.   No matter whether Mayor Fenty or presumed-Mayor Gray take the lead on the FYs 2011 and 2012 budget, the public will have the opportunity to weigh in.   The question really is the extent to which the public voices its opinions on what to protect and what to cut.   The ward town halls being held by Gray and the ward CMs provide one opportunity.   The citywide summit may provide another.   Then there is the chance to meet with the Fenty and Gray budget and policy staff.   Which of these will you and your organization use to move your agenda?

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