Thursday, September 9, 2010

Advocacy needed for kids with developmental disabilities

B18-528, "Health Insurance Coverage for Children with Autism Act of 2009", would mandate that private insurance companies cover medically necessary diagnostic and treatment services for children with autism.   Some, including The Arc of DC and Family Voices of DC, have advocated to the City Council that children with other developmental disabilities be included.

The two nonprofits are encouraging child- and youth-serving organizations to sign on to a letter to CMs Bowser and Wells, the co-introducers of the legislation, to expand the reach of the legislation as drafted.   The deadline for sign-ons is September 10; direct questions or permission to add your organization's name to Doreen Hodges (via email or 202-230-8201) or Alison Whyte (via email or 202-636-2981).

To help make the case that serving this additional population is essential, The Arc has prepared a white paper containing data showing the racial disparities in the diagnosis of myriad developmental disabilities.

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