Friday, August 13, 2010

Government news

  • The Department of Health has started tweeting!   Follow them @DOHDC.
  • Did you know that the Office of the People's Counsel has an electronic newsletter?   Go to the web site to sign up.
  • OSSE announces DC Family Education Expo 2010, October 2 at UDC:   Being held from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, the expo's theme is "Healthy Bodies/Healthy Minds" to highlight and help to address the city's high rate of adolescent obesity.

    Features include exhibitions and presentations on topics such as early childhood education, family health and nutrition, effective parent to parent communication, and college and career readiness.   The community—nonprofits, government agencies, and others—are encouraged to exhibit at the event.   Registration is easy and online.   OSSE is seeking diverse organizations representing social services, out-of-school time programs, health and wellness, adult ed, and others.

    Information is available in Spanish and Spanish speakers with questions should call 552-7163.   More information in English is available by calling 552-7161.   Finally, follow the progress of the expo on Twitter (@DCFEE2010).

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