Sunday, July 11, 2010

Standing up for what is right in Shaw

As shown on NewsChannel 8 on July 10, community residents and activists are standing up, taking over, sleeping in on a plot of land in Shaw, a lot about which many promises were made but not kept.   Approximately 200 people marched to the corner of 7th and S Sts NW, entering Parcel 42 and building a tent city.   Earlier in the day, the marchers and others enjoyed the annual ONE DC block party.

The marchers entered Parcel 42 and built a tent city.   The reason?   Mayor Fenty promised to build affordable housing.   And then didn’t.   Making matters worse, according to Take Back the Land, Parcel 42 was sold to developers.

Affordable housing is desperately needed in the city, especially housing for families earning less than $50,000 and particularly for those earning less than half that.   Take Back the Land and ONE DC have argued that they will build the housing if the city will not.

The fight is far from over.   People young and old are being urged to gather at Parcel 42, at the corner of 7th and S Sts NW, to show support and demand that police refrain from arresting the people who are trying to provide housing for those in need.   Supporters are gathering in the morning on July 11.   And ONE DC is demanding to meet with Mayor Fenty so he can commit to build affordable housing on the lot.

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