Friday, July 9, 2010

Kids are counting on you to address pediatric health issues

From the July 7 DCPCA Health News Alert:
District-wide Pediatric Health Forum:   On May 11, 2010, the Children's National Medical Center, the DC Primary Care Association, and the DC Department of Health came together with you as a group representing several organizations and agencies throughout DC to learn more about pediatric health issues in the District.   During that meeting, we discussed access to health care services and how to move forward as a stakeholder group to improve our children's health.   You spoke, we listened, and the result is a list of the top pediatric health priorities that we will collaboratively address.   Please Note:   These health conditions are in no particular order: Asthma, Mental Health (Developmental Delays and Substance Abuse), Obesity/Overweight, Oral Health, Sexual Reproductive Health (STIs, Teen Pregnancy, HIV), and Violence/Injury Prevention.   It is up to us as a city to work together and develop a strategic approach to accomplish our goals and help make our children healthier.   Click here if we can Count on You to assist in addressing the top pediatric health priorities.   Over the summer, we will convene interest group meetings to begin detailed discussions of the priority pediatric health issues.   The second forum will take place in October; the date is forthcoming so stay tuned.   Thank you.

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