Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ward 3 Dems have crowded agenda for June 17 meeting; CM K Brown to speak

At-large CM Kwame Brown, candidate for City Council Chairman, is the scheduled guest speaker at the June 17, 7:15 pm Ward 3 Dems regular meeting.   The meeting will be held at the Washington Home (3720 Upton St NW).

Also on the agenda for the meeting:

  • Prior to the formal start of the meeting, the Committee will conduct caucuses at 7:00 pm to fill open delegate slots in several precincts.
  • The Committee will vote on Thursday to consider endorsing candidates for all positions on the September 14 Democratic primary ballot, including the Mayor’s race and the Ward 3 council race.
  • Tom Smith, Chair of the Ward Three Democratic Committee, also reports that the committee plans to count the ballots cast in last week’s Ward 3 Mayoral straw poll at the conclusion of the formal program.   Nearly 400 ballots were cast in that straw poll.

For information about the meeting, the endorsement process, and the caucuses, see the web site.

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