Thursday, May 6, 2010

Witness list for BSA hearing May 7

Chairman Vincent C. Gray is convening the Committee of the Whole to hold a public hearing on B18-731, "Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Support Act" and B18-732, "Fiscal Year 2010 Balanced Budget Support Emergency Act."   The hearing is being held on May 7 at 10:00 am in the Council Chamber in JAWB.   Click here for the budget legislation and other documents on the Council web site.

WITNESS LIST (City Administrator Neil Albert will testify at the end of public testimony.)

  1. Panel:   Ed Krauze, Vice President of Public Policy, DC, Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors; Earl Wynn, REALTY Pros
  2. Barbara Lang, Executive Director, DC Chamber of Commerce
  3. Merrick Malone, DC Building Industry Association
  4. Panel:   DC Hospital Association, Robert A. Malson, President; Robert Sloan, President and CEO, Sibley Memorial Hospital
  5. Panel:   AFSCME District Council 20, Geo T. Johnson, Executive Director; Al Bilik
  6. Tyrone Sydnor
  7. Veronica A. Damesyn-Sharpe, MHSA, Executive Director, DC Healthcare Association
  8. Linda Leaks, Empower DC
  9. Nechama Masliansky, Senior Advocacy Advisor, SOME, Inc. (So Others Might Eat)
  10. Angela Franco, President and CEO, Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  11. Panel:   Christopher Ternet, T-Moblie; Gary Horewitz, Sprint; Jim Schuler, CTIA; Scott Mackey, KSE Focus; David Wilmont, Counsel, AT&T
  12. Panel:   Robert Branson, Verizon Wireless; Dennis Dunn, AT&T; Joseph Askew, Verizon; Trammel Alexander, Verizon; Donna Rattley, Washington, Comcast
  13. Ed Lazere, DC Fiscal Policy Institute
  14. Kristopher Baumann, Chairman, Fraternal Order of Police
  15. Panel:   Manna, Inc., Reverend Jim Dickerson, Founder and Chairman; Shiv Newaldass, Director of Advocacy
  16. Marina Streznewski, Coordinator, DC Jobs Council
  17. Panel:   Apartment and Office Building Association (AOBA), Shaun Pharr, Esq., Senior Vice President of Government Affairs; Nicola Y. Whiteman, Esq., Vice President of Government Affairs, DC
  18. Cecil Byrd, Executive Director, National Association of Concerned Veterans
  19. Panel:   Injured Worker Advocates Employment Justice Center, Gaynell Nixon, Edna McManus, Shirley Massey
  20. Panel:   Gary Cha, President of KAGRO, Christopher Clarke, citizen; Kevin Dietly, Northbridge; Frances Bailey, citizen
  21. Panel:   Ellen Valentino, MD-DE-DC Beverage Association; Craig Muckle, Safeway; Frank Myers, Teamsters Local 67; Larhone Blackwood, citizen
  22. Panel:   Lisa Katik, Registered Dietitian, “K” Consulting; Charles Williams, citizen; Cornelius Tyson, citizen; Miriam McCrackin, citizen
  23. Doug Jefferies, Owner, Results Gyms and STROGA
  24. Lee Aiken, Citizen
  25. Panel:   Geraldine Talley Hobby; John Fenwick; Joey Henson; Janice Dunbar
  26. Panel:   Tenants Association of 4000 Massachusetts Avenue, Tom Gregory; Anne Messner, Board Member; Erwin Klingsberg, citizen
  27. Angel Luis Irene, Vida Senior Center
  28. Panel:   Janell Perry, Julia Sanders, Ronell Perry
  29. Mary C. Young, Idaho Terrace Tenants Association
  30. Neil O. Albert, City Administrator

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