Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More this and that

  • Washington Peace Center has announced a great tool – a guide to DC area organizations.   The Organization Directory lists organizations alphabetically.   Now you can find organizations doing similar work, connect and collaborate!   Or, reach out to organizations doing different things and forge new working relationships that leverage the resources of both.
  • Safe Shores is on WAMU (again)!   Reporter Elliot Francis interviewed Safe Shores executive director, Michele Booth Cole, as a child abuse expert for a story covering the PG County bus driver sexual abuse case that has been in the news recently.   Michele talked about how parents can protect their children from abuse, what institutions that serve children can do to prevent abuse and Safe Shores’ mission.   The interview aired on WAMU's Morning Edition on May 26.   Listen to the interview on WAMU.
  • DC Action for Children has a new web site.

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